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Liquid or Sauce Metering Machine

Liquid or Sauce Metering Machine

Main features:

    A. This liquid and sauce metering filling machine has the advantages of reasonable design, simple structure, high accuracy, and easy operation.

    B. The machine is a semi-automatic piston filling machine, which can fill granular pulpy fluid materials.

    C. The pneumatic parts all adopt the pneumatic components from Germany FESTO and Taiwan Adecco.

    D. The material contact parts are made of 316L stainless steel material, which meets the GMP requirements.

    E. Filling valve is controlled by a pneumatic valve, with higher filling precision.

    F. Filling volume and filling speed can be adjusted at will.

    G. The filling stuffing head adopts an anti-drawing and lifting filling device.

Technical parameters:

    A. Filling speed: 10-30 times /min

    B. Filling accuracy:  ≦±1﹪

    C. Electricity source: 220/110V 50/60Hz

    D. Air pressure: 0.4-0.6MPa

    E. Measuring volume: 10-125ml (specific measuring range can be replaced by piston)



    The liquid, sauce body metering machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, daily chemical, food, pesticide, and special industries, is the ideal particle pulp viscosity fluid filling equipment. Jam, sauce, peanut butter, ketchup, sauce, bean paste, chili sauce, shrimp paste, applesauce, salad dressing, caviar, the spicy sauce can be filled.

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