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GQ-25F/50F Powder Packaging Machine

GQ-25F/50F Powder Packaging Machine

Packaging weighing characteristics:

1. Adopt frequency conversion control, spiral feeder, adapt to the flow speed of materials, fast packing speed, high packing accuracy.

2. Adopting no metering barrel structure, the whole machine is low in height and occupies little space, with the conveying and sewing machine that can be lifted on the table, one machine is multi-purpose.

3. Special designed with bag slapping device and bag clamping and sealing mechanism, more suitable for packaging of powder materials.

4. Adaptive software, with automatic setting of control parameters, automatic correction of falling difference, over-difference alarm, fault self-diagnosis, and other functions.

Technical Parameters:



Rated package weight(kg)


Weight in one package(kg)


Indexing value(g)


Packing accuracy


Packaging speed(bag/hour)


Working environment, power supply


Relative Humidity:10% -90%,

Power supply:220V±15%、50HZ

Air consumption0.4~0.6Mpa, 2m3 /h

Lifting conveyor:

1. Belt conveyor sewing machine composition: including conveyor frame (including belt conveyor, speed control motor), sewing machine column (including sewing machine, sewing motor, operation control box)

2. Conveyor length 2.2 meters, width 0.40 meters.

3. The conveyor speed is adjustable to match the sewing bale speed. The conveyor height can be lifted and the bag sewing machine can be lifted to match the bag height.

4. The field operation control box is equipped with control buttons, travel protection and air switch (Schneider is used for control electrical appliances).

5. The bag sewing machine adopts GK35-2, which adopts single needle and double threads and will not drop material when the bag is filled with material and poured.


Design drawings:


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