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GQ-25K/50K Granule Packaging Scale

GQ-25K/50K Granule Packaging Scale

GQ-25K/50K packing scale (pneumatic + vibration type)

GQ-25K50K packaging scale is an electromechanical integration product, which adopts an independent dual metering control system and integrates many latest technologies, with the leading performance index of similar products in China, suitable for automatic quantitative packaging of granular materials in the production lines of sugar, salt, food, feed, and chemical industries.

I. Characteristics:

1. Adopt an independent metering system, no mutual disturbance, fast packing speed.

2. The metering control system adopts a high-precision force sensor, display controller with a conversion rate up to 500 times/sec, and specially designed multi-stage feeding mechanism, combined with a scientific control algorithm, with high metering accuracy and good stability.

3. Simple operation, the operator only needs to set the bag and touch the bag switch can be, and filling, filling, unloading the bag and other actions are all automatically completed by the weighing scale.

4. With a manual control switch, you can manually control the adding and discharging mechanism, easy to clean up the remaining material.

5. Material contact parts are all made of stainless steel.

6. Technical features:

(1). Packing net weight: 10-50kg/pack

(2). Packaging accuracy: 0.1%F.S(±10g)

(3). Packaging speed: 250-400 packs/hour

(4). Working mode: manual bagging, automatic bag clamping after touching the stroke switch, automatic filling of the weighed material, and automatic bag loosening.

(5).  Scale body can be installed directly on the ground, can also be installed on the steel platform

(6).  There are two types of manual and automatic operation, the normal mode of operation is automatic, manual for equipment debugging, calibration, maintenance.

(7). The quantitative value can be set within the quantitative range through the instrument keyboard. The packing weight value can be set arbitrarily within the range of 10~200% of the rated packing weight.

(8). The packing weight packing times can be automatically displayed, and the current packing weight and packing count value can be displayed at any time.

(9).  With fault or misoperation diagnosis, fault code prompt, measurement of over-parity alarm

(10).  Automatic return to zero, each cycle to detect the zero position, automatic correction.

(11). With 485 and other communication interfaces, communicate with the computer.


7. Technical performances:



Rated package weight(kg)


Weight in one package(kg)


Indexing value(g)


Packing accuracy

0.1% F.S

Packaging speed(bag/hour)


Working environment, power supply


Relative Humidity:10% -90%,

Power supply:220V±15%、50HZ

Air consumption0.4~0.6Mpa,1m3 /hour

II. Lift Conveyor

1. Belt conveyor sewing machine composition: including conveyor frame (including belt conveyor, speed control motor), sewing machine column (including sewing machine, sewing motor, operation control box)

2. Conveyor length 2.2m, width 0.40m

3. The conveyor speed is adjustable to match the sewing speed. The conveyor height can be lifted and the bag sewing machine can be lifted to match the bag height.

4. Field operation control box is equipped with control buttons, travel protection, and an air switch (Schneider is used for control electrical appliances).

5. The bag sewing machine adopts GK35-2, which adopts single needle and double threads and will not drop material when the bag is filled with material and poured.

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