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GQ-2-100 Doypack Packaging Line

GQ-2-100 Doypack Packaging Line

Product Description:

1. The production line is fully automatic operation, realizing product packaging assembly line operation, improving the production efficiency of enterprises and significantly reducing product cost.

2. The production line meets the sanitary standards of food processing machinery and the parts on the machine in contact with the materials and packaging bags are processed with materials that meet the food hygiene requirements to ensure the hygiene and safety of food.

3. It is suitable for packaging solid materials, such as candy, melon seeds, jelly, pet food, puffed food, pistachios, peanuts, nuts, almonds, raisins and other casual foods, various granular flakes, strips, round building irregular shape and other materials of quantitative weighing bag packaging.


A. Pre-made bag packaging machine 

B. 10-head Combination Scale

C. Z Type conveyor 

D. Finished product conveyor

E. Support platform 

Scope of application:

Suitable for puffed food, red dates, nuts, peanuts, herbs packaging, etc.

A. GQ-100 Pre-made bag packaging machine



Pre-made bag packing machine

Packing speed

20-40 bags/min

Bag size



Range of measuring


Thickness of film


The weight of the switchboard


B. Ten-head Combination Scale


1) Scope of application

Applicable products: candy, melon seeds, potato chips, pistachios, peanuts, jelly, frozen dumplings, cookies, chocolate, nuts, pet food, puffed food, small hardware, plastic parts, and other kinds of granular, flaky, strip, irregular shape of the material quantitative weighing.

2) Functional features

* Perfect combination of high precision and high speed, the best combination is selected instantly from the rich weight combination by computer calculation.

* High precision digital load cell makes accurate measurement instantly possible.

* Multi-lingual LCD operating system in Chinese/English.

* IP65 rated waterproof and dustproof design. All parts are made of stainless steel, clean and hygienic. A fully sealed design prevents the accumulation of materials and makes cleaning easy.

* Can finely adjust the opening and closing speed of the hopper door according to the characteristics of the material to be measured to prevent crushing and jamming.

* Powerful data automatic statistics function, record the total number of bags produced in each batch, qualification rate and single bag error and other indicators.

* Strong compatibility, mounted directly on top of the packing machine, more compact structure. 

* Save a lot of raw material and labor costs for you, quick return on investment.

* Net weight: 300Kg; Gross weight: 370Kg

* Voltage: 220V; Power: 1500W; Frequency: 50/60HZ; Rated current: 9A

C. Z Type Conveyor



This elevator is suitable for vertical lifting of granular materials in the departments of grain, food, feed and chemical industry. The elevator is driven by the chain drive to lift the hopper, used for vertical conveying of granular and small lumpy materials, with the advantages of large lifting capacity and high lifting degree.

2)Technical parameters

Lifting height: can be determined by customer 

Total power:500w

Lifting speed:0-17m/min Lifting capacity:5.5m3/hour

Size: can be made according to customer requirements material, carbon steel spraying or stainless steel, and material contact parts for food-grade plastic

3)Vibrating feeder: 

Vibrating way to convey the material from the magazine to the material conveyor. Equipped with stepless regulator to adjust the conveying volume.

Maximum conveying capacity: 2㎡/hour; the magazine is used to store the materials to be packed, volume: 0.5m3.

D、Finished product conveyor


Function: Convey the automatically packed finished bags to the post-packaging inspection equipment or packing platform


Voltage: 220V/45W

Conveying speed:30m/min

E、Support platform(For Combination Scale)


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