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GQ-520 Powder Quad Seal Stand-up Bag Packaging Line

GQ-520 Powder Quad Seal Stand-up Bag Packaging Line

I. 520 complete set includes four pieces

① GQ-520T automatic stand-up pouch packaging machine     

② Screw metering machine    

③ Screw loading machine

④ Finished product conveyor       


Suitable for packaging powdered objects requiring high metering accuracy, such as: milk powder, protein powder, nutrition powder, etc.

II. The whole set of technical parameters

1. Packing speed: about 20-60 packs/min, depending on the quality of packaging film and materials.

2.  Packaging size: replace different film widths need to replace the shaper, the length is limited adjustable.

3. The form of bag-making: packaging materials with roll film, automatic bag-making machine for the top seal, bottom seal plus back sealing, easy to tear the mouth or flat mouth, with printing date device.

4. The whole set of power: about 4.5 kilowatts

5. With the air compressor for not less than 1 cubic (required party to purchase), such as nitrogen filling required party to purchase their own nitrogen machine, the packaging machine production has been equipped with a good source of gas.

6. The overall height of the package: about 4.1 meters.

III. The introduction of the machine

1. 520T automatic hot edge packaging machine


* Imported PLC full computer control system, full Chinese/English touch screen operating system, clearly display the working status and operation instructions.

* High precision servo film transport system, smooth film transport, with the photoelectric automatic positioning tracking system, high positioning accuracy.

* Intelligent digital temperature control system, stable temperature difference control, with a tooth-shaped sealer to ensure firm sealing.

* Including automatic fault alarm display function, such as low temperature, no packaging film, no ribbon, no material, servo fault, no color code signal, and automatic alarm or stop function when the glass protection door is opened.

* The machine can automatically complete the whole packaging process of metering, feeding, bag filling, date printing, and output of the finished product by matching with the metering device.

1. Technical parameters:

Packing speedMax 45 bags/min
Bag sizefront width,100-180 mm
Side width, 50-90mm
Side Sealing Width, 5-10mm
length 100-350mm
Bag typeStand-up bag



0.8 Mpa 0.6m3/m
Film WidthMax. 520mm

The machine configuration is as follows:

1Touch-sensitive screen WEINVIEWTAIWAN
4Horizontal cylinderSMCJAP
5Vertical cylinderSMCJAP
6Cutting cylinderSMCJAP
7Two units systemSNSJAP
8Solid-state relay FOTEKTAIWAN
9Intermediate state relayOMRONJAPAN
12Transducer InovanceCHIAN SHENZHEN
13Winding motor TAIBANGTAIWAN
14Control temperatureYATAICHINA SHANGHAI
15Access switchFOTEKTAIWAN
17Electromagnetic valveMindmanTAIWAN

2. Screw metering machine


1. Main performance and characteristics of spiral metering machine

1). Simple structure, reliable operation, simple and convenient maintenance.

2). The screw machine adopts rotary screw feeding, servo coding, microcomputer control technology is the biggest technical feature of the machine. Set coding, control in one, with sensitive action, low noise, stable, reliable, fast metering speed, high precision, etc. In addition, it also adopts a compound open type material box, easy to clean.

2. Spiral metering machine technical parameters

1). Measuring method:  Spiral rotary filling type

2). Packing weight: 10-2000g (change spiral attachment)

3). Weighing range: 1-2000g (resolution 1)

4). Packaging accuracy

     Packaging weight: ≤ 100g Deviation ≤ 0.5-1g

     Packing weight: 100-1000g Deviation ≤ 0.5%-1%

     Packaging weight: >1000g deviation ≤ 0.25%-0.5%

5). Packaging speed: 10-50 bags/min

6). Power supply, power: Three-phase 380V/ single-phase 220V /1.5kw 50-60HZ

7). Weight of the whole machine: 80Kg

8). Tank volume: 50L

3. Screw loading machine


1. Product introduction: 

The machine adopts screw-type feeding, and the hopper can be vibrated. 

It is suitable for conveying all kinds of powder and small granular materials.

2. Technical parameters: 

1). Lifting height (standard): 2.35m 

2). Lifting capacity: 3 cubic meters/hour

3). Specifications: According to customer requirements

4). Material: Carbon steel, stainless steel.

5). Weight: 100Kg


4、Finished product conveyor 


Function: Automatically pack the finished bags to the post-packaging testing equipment or packing platform

Technical parameters

Conveying speed: 30m/min

External dimensions: 2110×340×500mm

Voltage: 220V/45W 

Weight: 30Kg

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