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GQ-720T Vertical Stand-up Bag Packaging Line

GQ-720T Vertical Stand-up Bag Packaging Line

Main performance and structural features:

This is the latest development of a new packaging machine, the bottom of the vertical packaging bag with a flat-four corner (inserted footbag) so that the space inside the bag increased so that the visual effect is stronger, beautiful appearance, more attractive. This packaging machine adopts servo motor-driven feeding, and the man-machine interface adopts an advanced touch screen, which makes the operation easier and faster.


Suitable for packing puffed food, potpourri, French fries, snacks, candy, sugar, fruit pieces, dumplings, chocolate, pet food, small hardware, and other high-precision, fragile solid objects automatically.

The whole set contains:

1. GQ-720T main machine

2. 14-head weigher

3. Z-type conveyor

4. Weighter platform

5. Finished product conveyor

GQ-720T Main Machine Technical Parameters:

Packing speed35-65 bags/min     
Front width100-260mm   
Side width50-90mm      
Width of side seal5-10mm
Bag making length100-450mm   
Bag typeStand-up bag, Block bottom type
Air consumption0.8 Mpa 0.6m3/m
Film widthMax. 680mm 
Power specification3.5KW/220V, 50Hz
Outside dimension2500×1500×2300mm
Gross weight850kg

Bag Type:


Optional Devices:


Sample bags:


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